This will be a brief post. More details in a week or two when I get pictures and details from Pete.


At about 6:30 this morning (November 11) Delphinus, along with her skipper (Pete) and crew (Ron, Bob & James), departed from Norfolk, VA for Tortola, British Virgin Islands. They opted to leave Portsmouth and spend the night on Little Creek in Norfolk to be closer to the starting line this morning. You can follow their progress here:


The scheduled departure date was Sunday, November 8, but the rally staff were watching the formation of Tropical Storm Kate and prudently decided to delay the fleet’s departure.

They are anticipating arrival in Tortola in seven to ten days. After getting Delphinus secured, Pete will catch a flight home for Thanksgiving. He and I will return to the Virgin Islands and begin our journey shortly after Thanksgiving.

If you are inclined, send your thoughts and prayers to the crew of Delphinus for fair winds and following seas.

Stay tuned!