Pete and I have embarked on a different journey this year than the one we had originally planned for. We will not be returning to Delphinus this year and plan to return to Grenada and sailing in the fall of 2018.

In early fall this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer after my annual mammogram. I feel like I have a very good prognosis but am undergoing chemotherapy until late spring, with possible radiation treatments after that. Then, I’ll have final reconstruction surgery. That takes us firmly into hurricane season, so we’ll wait for fall.

After multiple tests in September (mammogram, ultra sound, biopsy, and MRI) we, along with the surgeon, decided a mastectomy of my right breast was the best course of action. No evidence of cancer was found in the left breast.

Surgery was successful, with good margins. Unfortunately, some lymph nodes were involved, hence the chemotherapy course. Recovery from surgery has gone well and I am now in physical therapy to restore my normal range of motion in my right arm (almost there!). Follow up CT and bone scans don’t show any signs of the cancer spreading beyond the lymph nodes!

I’ve had my first chemotherapy treatment and will have a total of eight treatments every three weeks. If I stay on schedule I should be done by the end of April.

We have become avid consumers of our local medical industry. So far, not a week goes by without some kind of medical appointment. It’s a good thing we’re retired as I don’t know how we would keep up with this and a job too. One of my doctors pointed out that my job now is that of a cancer patient until this is all done. I’m working hard at making this job obsolete.

Pete has been by my side throughout all of this with the same steady hand he uses as skipper of Delphinus, helping me through the rough waters and keeping my spirits up.

We are looking forward to spending Christmas with family and friends and making the most of our land-based life (unlimited water, electricity and internet, among other things) until next fall when we return to 360 degree water views and balmy breezes.

P.S. Ladies, if you haven’t had your mammogram this year it’s time. Early detection saves lives! (OK, I’m off my soap box.)

Stay tuned and stay in touch!